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Here are some quotes from divers attending previous dive trips to Quadra Island:

Craig T."Great diving, fine folks, good food and warm hospitality add up to a really good week."
Don C."Going to Quadra Island as a first dive trip was simply awesome. Mike and Darlene's home and hospitality was second to none! Absolutley fantastic people to spend the better part of a week with. And the diving! Wow. Unreal. If all my future dive trips are as much fun as Quadra was I'll be one happy diver."
Bruce Mc.“I have been fortunate enough to have been able to vacation and dive at Mike Richmond’s “DynaMike” Dive Charters 3 times in the last 4 years. Every visit has been a marvellous experience. Great accommodations and amenities, terrific food (thanks to Darlene) and, best of all, a world-class diving experience you will absolutely never forget!!!

Mike and Darlene are wonderful hosts, who make you feel at home and run a safety conscious, first class dive operation. The people you meet on the trips have all been great fun to socialize with and together enjoy Mike’s amenities.

I can’t say enough good things about this vacation experience. On top of it all, the cost of the trip is excellent value for your diving vacation dollar!"

Tara H."My first visit to Quadra Island was in May, 2006 with the Yukon Divers. The diving was so impressive that I returned later that year. Over the years, I have visited various dive locations and facilities that Vancouver Island has to offer. I am most impressed on the whole with Dynamike's and Quadra Island diving. Logistically, it is easy to organize group trips, the food is wonderful, the service is excellent, the boat is actually set up for divers, and the plethora of life under the water is indescribable. The walls are littered with so many colours it is a photographer's dream. I enjoyed the diving so much that this is my third trip back to Quadra within a year."
Luke H.This year will be my third trip to Quadra Island with Larry and friends. Mike and Darlene run a first class outfit. The boat and accommodations are really great, both were custom built for this application.
Between Darlene's cooking and Mike's intimate knowledge of the area's tides and wildlife you'll have a spectacular, safe and fun trip.

Book me in for next year!
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, the diving is world class.

Judy H.The environment - Vis. 50 - 100 ft., Water: 40-45 F. in early May. Strong currents.
Dive only with experienced operators, of which Mike of DynaMilke's is the best. He times the slack current, then has you drop in. He picks you up wherever you end up on the current dive. Tons of things to see: strawberry anemones, white plumose, urchins, starfish, nudibranchs, rockfish, sponges, corals, cucumbers, sea lions, octopus, wolf eels, Puget Sound King crabs. Great wall diving - walls are covered with life! This is cold water, strong current, diving.

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