Port Hardy, Vancouver Island Dive Trips

October 5 - October 11, 2014

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Trip Description

We are organizing dive trips to Port Hardy on Vancouver Island's north-east coast. We plan on staying with John de Boeck, owner of Browning Pass Hideaway in Browning Pass, off Port Hardy, B.C.. Diving in Browning Pass and the north-east coast of Vancouver Island is home to some of the very best diving in the world.

Check out Browning Pass Hideaway's web site for many more details and pictures of the area, the lodge and some of the diving. The accomodations are quite comfortable, with 2 divers per room (bunk bed arrangment), each with its own thermostat and heating radiator. The staff are excellant cooks and there seems always to be a good variety and lots of food. My only concern with the food, from my experience, is I tend to eat far too much at each sitting (and between meals).

Getting There:

We meet at Port Hardy and meet John for a ride to the Hideaway on his boat - about a 2 hour trip. The Hideaway is a floating lodge in a remote bay in Browing Pass.

Dive Details:

Each diver must bring all their own gear (either have their own or arrange rentals prior to the trip - there are no rentals at the lodge), their own personal effects and any special drinks, snacks, etc. We are at a remote location with no stores, coffee shops, dive shops, etc. close by. Each diver is expected to be responsible for themselves - we encourage and expect divers to dive with a buddy and dives will not be divemaster led unless requested and arranged prior to the trip. Depths of dive sites vary and divers must plan their dives to be safe. All divers are encouraged to stay well within their no-decompression limits and to complete a 3-minute safety stop (or longer) during their ascent. Remember, we are diving at a remote location and medical assistance is a long ways away (and weather-dependant).

We, usually, head out on the dive boat after a scrumptious breakfast, sometimes taking a lunch with us. We plan on doing 3 or more dives during the day,either stopping to eat lunch on the boat or returning to the lodge for lunch, returning to the lodge mid-afternoon, to relax before supper. There is a room for working on cameras, lights, etc. and for charging batteries. While we are very remote and everything has to be shipped in via boat and/or barge, there is power (turned off over night) and the accomodations, meals, etc. are very good and the lodge is very comfortable.


The cost for this trip will be $TBD per diver, per day, plus tax, (5 days planned) which includes the cost of 3 or more dives per day, shared accomodations in one of the rooms, all meals, cylinders, weights, etc. and pick-up and drop-off in Port Hardy. We can take an absolute maximum of 16 persons, only. You should arrange to bring your own alcoholic beverages, if you desire and, if you wish Nitrox, arrangements must be made at least two weeks prior to our trip (extra cost). All staying/diving costs must be paid in full prior to the trip. I require a 50% payment with your reservation ($TBD) and full payment (the remaining $TBD) by September 1, 2014. While spots may be filled by alternate divers, refunds are not possible.

The Story:

We are diving on the north-east coast of Vancouver Island. While most dive sites in Browning Pass are protected, many other dive sites are in the open and weather can be an issue should storms blow in. There can, sometimes, also be large swells which can interfere with many dive sites. Because of weather concerns, while we seldom have to miss dives, we might not be able to dive some sites which are more exposed during conditions of high winds or swells/surge, but there are a large number of dive sites which are protected by various islands, depending on the direction the weather is coming from. There are dive sites very close to the lodge which offer very good and exciting dives with many unexpected creatures and photo opportunities. We may, also, see whales, sea lions, seals, etc. near some of our dive sites. Always watch for the unexpected.

The Diving:

Dives are made from a live boat on pinnacles, walls or reefs. Usually, divers enter the water by a giant stride off the rear swim grid of the dive boat, then descend to the reef, below. Often, if there is a slight current, it may dissipate very quickly when descending or will be very manageable. This will be covered, in detail, in the dive briefing. This means dives are not always limited to nor scheduled around the tide tables.
Usually, divers will be dropped from a 'live' boat and will be picked up when and where they surface. A complete briefing will be given describing all aspects of the dive, including entry / exit methods prior to each dive - please ensure you listen to and understand all spects of each dive briefings - they are very important!

Confirmed and Interested Attendees
Proposed Trip Dates: October 5 - October 11, 2014
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