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Some New Product Lines
Dive AlertNow in stock - Dive Alerts!! This loud signalling device mounts on any low-pressure inflator hose and will emit a loud, piercing signal that can be heard over a mile away! This is the perfect safety horn when diving in the ocean where currents might carry a diver away from either the dive boat or from shore. Without a Dive Alert, it might be impossible to alert passing boats for help. Stop in and check them out.

Dive Optx Having a hard time seeing your gauges clearly? High pressure hose getting too short? Dive Optx may be for you! These plastic lenses stick themselves inside your mask and provide the magnification required so you can read your gauges easily - just like reading glasses. Stop in and check these life-savers out!

Lens-LockersIn stock! 2 sizes! Keep your glasses, keys, papers safe in a wet, hostile environment (boat, dive site, etc.) Lens-Lockers, Keep-It Safes and See-It Safes are now in stock and can be invaluable at keeping track of your valuables and keeping your glasses from getting broken! Two sizes and style in stock!

Licence Plate Be proud that you're a diver! Tell the world that you're a Yukon Diver! These plates come with a plastic overlay to keep rocks away and so bugs won't stick! Fits perfectly in the front licence plate holder on your vehicle - Let your friends know that you dive!

Wet suit boots getting stinky? Sports (hockey) gear getting stinky? Mira-Zyme, by McNett, is an enzyme solution that consumes the smells that accumulate in sports gear, leaving nothing but water behind. Just a quick dip into a tub of solution (or spray) is all that's required - then hang the items until dry. The smell is gone!! Everything smells fresh! Available in 3 sizes. Stop by, pick one up and freshen up all your sports gear!

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