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We service many brands of scuba equipment. We are certified by several of the major brands of scuba equipment and have parts for most brands in stock. We also are trained and certified to visually inspect high pressure SCUBA and SCBA cylinders according to P.S.I. and C.G.A. standards and have just implemented the Visual Plus eddy current tester as part of our visual inspections. We also arrange to have high-pressure hydrostatic testing done on cylinders that require it (every 5 years for SCUBA, 3 years for some SCBA cylinders).

All regulator and other small metal parts are cleaned with an ultra-sonic cleaner to ensure absolute cleaning, even in the hard-to-get-to spots. Regulators are set-up to manufacturers specifications and all work is guaranteed. Regulators and B.C.D.'s should be serviced annually - more often under heavy use.

Air Fills - Certified air station, tested regularly. Fills to 4500 psi - $10. each.

Regulator Overhauls - Labour usually $45 to $55, plus parts, depending on time required. This includes complete disassembly and reassembly, ultra-sonic cleaning of all parts, setting up and adjustments and, usually, servicing of the S.P.G.

Annual Visual Inspections - Cylinders (SCUBA and SCBA) require an annual visual inspection to ensure the cylinder and its contents (your life-support air) remains in good condition. Aluminum cylinders are all eddy current tested using the Visual Plus system and are inspected according to P.S.I. methods to C.G.I. standards. Valves are inspected and can be serviced at the same time, hydro-stat testing can be arranged and burst discs should be changed every five years. Inspection reports are returned with the cylinders. Cost is $25 for the visual inspection, plus any other servicing and parts (for valve, burst disc,etc.).

For more information about PSI and Visual Plus, click here.

Rentals - Complete equipment rentals are available, including wet suits, boots, mitts, hoods, regulators, B.C.D.'s, weight belts, cylinders, masks, snorkels, fins, etc. We have wet suits (sorry, no dry suits for rental) in ladies sizes small to xx-large and men's suits from small to xx-large. Boots run from x-small to x-large and hoods and mitts run from small to x-large. B.C.D.'s are medium, large and x-large.

All equipment is rented on a daily basis (24-hour day), with classes taking precedence. Our rates are competitive - call for current rates and availability.

Click here to for responses to some frequently asked questions about equipment servicing, air fills, certification, etc.

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