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Dive Buddy List

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So, you wanna go divin' but you need a buddy? Below are some local divers who are interested in going diving. Scan the list below to find a buddy to dive with.
Is your name listed below? E-mail me or call 633-4734
to get your name listed.

Dive Buddies List
Eric Bonnett 867-667-7260 Divemaster-in-training, available mostly evenings or weekends for local dives. CPR/1st Aid Instructor.
Larry Bonnett 867-633-4734 Instructor, been diving for 20+ years. Interested in local, Alaska and other diving. Call for more information. Available days, evenings, etc. CPR/1st Aid Instructor.
Nadine Bonnett 867-667-7260 Open Water diver, local dives, mainly evenings or weekends. CPR/1st Aid Instructor.
Cory Bruneau 867-668-6746 Experienced, eager Divemaster-in-training, ready to dive local or Alaska, mainly evenings and weekends. Have boat and all my own gear.
Shari & Jerry Heal 867-393-2842 Competent, Advanced O/W, newer divers, mainly local evening and weekend dives.
Bud Rauscher 907-983-2718 Advanced O/W Diver, living in Skagway, Alaska - ready to dive - just give me a call (work-907-983-2754).
Susan Rubinoff 867-667-2571 Assistant Instructor, warm water trained but wanting to experience colder waters - ready to dive, evenings, Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays - just give me a call.

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