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Whitehorse Loonies Underwater Hockey
Whitehorse, Yukon.

Phone Ellen at (867)633-6956 or 333-8120 (pager) or
Larry at 633-4734, Cell (867)334-4990
Or you can e-mail me.

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What Equipment Do I Need?

More information and excellant prices are available from
Sub Arctic Scuba

Mask - small volume free diving masks are best, but any diving mask will work fine. Swim goggles are not acceptable. A mask doubles as a nose plug and face shield and doesn't fog as much as goggles. Masks must have tempered glass and should have double lenses to minimise risk in the event of a broken lens. You need to use a fairly good quality mask. We have some loaners on hand.
Snorkel - you want to be able to breathe while scanning the bottom of the pool for the puck and your next position. Large bore (to get air quickly), streamlined designs are best. Most snorkels have a valve at the bottom end for easy drainage so not to need to blow it out with much needed air although a simple 'J' style snorkel may work just fine. We have some loaners on hand.
Fins - must be closed foot fins. Personal tastes vary but in general, longer, larger fins are too difficult to turn with. We have some loaners on hand.
Swimsuit - optional : ), but recommended. Sorry guys, but speedos are better for speed. Bring your own.
Ear protectors - recommended at all times and required at tournaments. Getting hit in the ear with a fin may pop your eardrum, if done right. Water polo caps work well. At tournaments, the colour of your headgear denotes which team you are on. Normally players must have one white and one dark (blue or black) cap. Red caps are for referees only. We have some loaners on hand.
Mouthguard - recommended - inexpensive protection for your mouth in case you get hit by another player's hand (accidently, of course).or foot. While accidents are quite rare, they can happen and we don't want any injuries. We have some on hand and they are available downtown.
Glove - standard practice is to buy a heavyweight gardening glove and cover it with Aquaseal (c), silicon, shoegoo, hot-melt glue or some other hard glue. This also pads your hand when someone hits your hand instead of the puck (OOPS). We have some on hand for use.
Shown is a lead puck used in all games. It weighs about 1.3 - 1.5 kg and is 80 cm in diameter. It is also 32 cm high. There are different levels of hardness in pucks. Soft, medium and hard. We'll supply the puck.
Finally, the most important piece of apparel - the Stick - about 12 inches long, made of wood and painted black or white to distinguish the teams. It has a dog bone shape at one end with one straight side. It is usually about 2 cm or less thick and up to 12 cm wide at the tip. It narrows to a handle 2-5 cm wide and 1-4 cm thick. We have sticks on hand for use.

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Below are some links to other sites I find interesting or sites that contain valuable information.
Enjoy and, please, forward other links to me that should be posted here.

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