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Whitehorse Loonies Underwater Hockey
Whitehorse, Yukon.

Phone Ellen at (867)633-6956 or 333-8120 (pager) or
Larry at 633-4734, Cell (867)334-4990
Or you can e-mail me.

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Our first Underwater Hockey session of the new season was held on Monday, September 24th. While the turn-out was not as large as some of our sessions last season, we still had 10 players out and everyone seemed to have lots of fun and catch on pretty quickly. We now have protective caps for everyone who want them and we are supplying mouth guards to all who have paid up their membership.

Click on any of the pictures to the left to see a full-size version of the picture. We hope to add a few underwater pictures in the coming weeks.

Here are a couple of underwater pictures of a couple of our stars playing Underwwater Hockey at the Lions Pool in Whitehorse.
We supply the sticks, pucks and protective gloves. We also have caps, fins, masks and snorkels available for those who require them. Both men and women, of all ages, enjoy our Monday evenings of no-contact fun.

The turnout at the Monday evening sessions remains good - we usually have 10 to 12 players out and we're noticing that skills are improving over time. As we all practice more, our breathing improves and everyone's puck handling skill is getting better - Congratulations, everyone!

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