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Horizon Dry Suits Polar Dry Suits Commercial Polar Dry Suit
The Oceaner Horizon dry suit - Men's and Ladies Styles
The Oceaner Polar dry suit - Men's and Ladies Styles
The Oceaner Commercial Polar Dry Suit
These dry suits are made from 7 mm neoprene and the Polar suits include a cold-water neck seal for added warmth, tuck- or straight-through wrist seals, knee pads, valves, etc. Pricing for these suits range from the economical Horizon, at left, above, at $955.00 to the warmest,Titanium Polar, made from titanium neoprene, centre, at only $1250.00., all complete with DSV valves, whip, hood and bag (Polar).
For many applications, such as more temperate diving, the Horizon will do just fine, but if you want the ultimate in warmth (isn't this sport supposed to be fun?), the Titanium Polar is the best there is. All Oceaner suits are also available as a custom suit, for that perfect fit.

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Riptide Dry Suits Tri-Lam Polar Dry Suits Polar Bear Under Suit
The Oceaner Riptide 3mm dry suit - a flexible alternative to the heavier 7mm suits.
The Oceaner Tr-Lam Polar dry suit - a trilaminate material provides a highly flexible suit.
The Oceaner Polar Bear Under Suit and Vest - for that extra warmth.
The Polar Riptide, at left, made from 3mm high-density neoprene, is almost as warm as the heavier 7mm convential suits and does not compress at depth, thus maintaining its warmth. The thinner neoprene allows much greater flexibilty and freedom to move. The Tri-Lam Polar dry suit, centre, made of a trilaminate of high-grade butyl rubber sandwiched between high-tenacity nylon layers, provides a durable, light weight, flexible suit. The Polar Bear Thinsulate undersuit, next to the Tri-Lam Polar, is Oceaner's warmest undersuit, complete with pockets, stirups, etc. On the right, above, is the Polar Bear fleece undersuit - a very warm suit intended for wearing under the neoprene drysuits. It comes with stirups, pockets, etc. and is also available as a vest, for wearing during or after your dive. All Oceaner suits are also available as a custom suit, for that perfect fit.

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Gates Dry Suits Viking Dry Suits .
The Gates dry suits - Vulcanized suits made famous in the North Sea oil fields.
The famous Viking dry suits - favoured by commercial divers and dive teams the world over.
We also handle both the Gates and Viking lines of vulcanized dry suits. These suits are much more flexible than the tri-lam style suits and are very resistant to most contaminants - oils, fuel, etc. This makes them the suits of choice for most commercial divers and many dive teams, world-wide. They can be configured to accept various types of helmets or with neck seals as recreational divers would use. They can be ordered, in most cases, with hood attached or separate - this, combined with full-face masks, makes them ideal for diving in contaminated water. Since these suits have minimal insulation value, they can be worn in warm-water locations without thick underwear or in cold water locations with warmer underwear - such as polar bears or thinsulate under garments.
Dry Suit HoodsDry Suit Hoods 5-Finger Gloves 3-Finger Mitts
Hoods to complete your cold-water dry suit - with or without zipper
5-Finger gloves - in various weights and styles
3-Finger Mitts - when you want warm hands - even in cold water.
We stock a complete line of dry suit hoods, both with and without zippers - they come with a smooth rubber face seal to minimize water entry during your dive. Often your hair will only be slightly damp at the end of your dive.
We also handle, and stock, a complete line of thin, warm-water gloves, the heavier 5-finger gloves for summer use and the warmest, titanium neoprene 3-finger mitts for diving in the coldest water. 3-finger mitts are also available as dry mitts, to keep out most of the water, leaving your hands even warmer.
We also stock a number of other neoprene accessories, such as neoprene mask straps, dry suit bags, dry suit cement, etc. Call us if you have a special need - we'll see what we can come up with.

Check out Oceaner's wet suit and dry suit sizing chart.