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San Juan Wet Suit Galiano Wet Suit Black Shadow Wet Suit Raging Inferno Wet Suit
The Oceaner San Juan 2-piece wet suit
The Oceaner Galiano
2-piece wet suit
The Oceaner Black Shadow 1-piece Titanium Wet Suit
The Oceaner 2-piece Titanium Raging Inferno Wet Suit
These suits are made from 7 mm neoprene and they all come with ankle zippers for easier entry. Pricing for these suits range from the economical San Juan, at left, above, at $295.00 to the warmest, titanium neoprene Raging Inferno, complete with hood, on the right, at only $495.00.
For many applications, such as more temperate diving, the San Juan may be the most cost-effective choice, while, for those wanting to stay warm in even the coldest of our northern waters, the Raging Inferno, at right, can't be beat. All Oceaner suits are also available as a custom suit, for that perfect fit.

Check out the web site for more information.

Bermuda Wet Suit El Gecko Wet Suits Kids' Wet Suits
The Oceaner Bermuda Shorty
3 mm Wet Suit
The Oceaner El Gecko Full-length 3mm Wet Suits.
Young Folks' Wet Suits - so the whole family can play together.
Oceaner makes many styles of lighter-weight (3mm) neoprene suits for warm-water fun - for adults and children, alike. The Bermuda Shorty style, left, is great for warm water or the pool while the full-length El Gecko styles, middle, help protect the arms and legs (most sizes in stock and includes ankle zippers) from abrasions and sunburn. There are also smaller sizes made specifically so the younger set can join in the fun too! All Oceaner suits are also available as a custom suit, for that perfect fit. Stop by and see the suits in stock or check out the web site for more information.
Wet Suit Boots Wet Suit HoodsWet Suit Hoods 5-Finger Gloves 3-Finger Mitts
Wet Suit Boots - with or without zippers
Hoods to complete your cold-water wet suit
5-Finger gloves - in various weights and styles
3-Finger Mitts - when you want warm hands - even in cold water
Also in stock are all the neoprene accessories to ensure your dive is a warm and memorable one. We have, in stock, a complete line of titanium neoprene boots, both with and without zippers, to keep your feet as warm as possible throughout your dive. We also have a selection of neoprene water-sports / deck boots when a dive boot is not required. We also stock a full line of hoods, both with and without zippers, most made from titanium neoprene for maximum warmth.
Also in stock, we have a complete line of gloves and mitts - thinner gloves for warm-water and summer diving, five-finger gloves for the maximum dexterity and 3-finger titanium neoprene mitts when you want to ensure your hands will be warm - even in cold water. We also stock other neoprene items, such as neoprene mask straps, can holders, neoprene cement, etc. Stop by for a look and ask about your special requirements.

Check out the wetsuit sizing chart to see what size fits you - then stop by for a fitting of an actual suit.