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While we are not, primarily, commercial divers, we do have some services to offer. Some of them, such as search & recovery and underwater photography or videography are listed below. For other requirements, call us or e-mail us

Search & Recovery - We have a scanning sonar unit which can be used to help search for larger objects underwater, while a swimming search pattern is often best for small objects when the loss location can be pinpointed. We have lift bags to lift smaller objects and can procure heavier lift bags for large, heavy objects.

For a search & recovery project to be successful, the search location must be narrowed down as much as possible. When a diver can see only a few feet to either side, and can only cover a short distance underwater, the search process can take a long time if the exact location is not known. A diver, also, can spend only a limited amount of time underwater on each cylinder of air and can only spend a limited amount of time underwater each day, depending on the maximum working depth of the search location (the deeper the site, the less time the diver can stay submerged each day).

Our charges, normally, are calculated portal to portal (from the time we leave our place until we return). Charges for any special equipment are added to the diving charges, as appropriate.

Underwater Photography, Videography - We use a Sony Hi-8 video camera with a Sony underwater housing and lights for underwater videography and one of a couple of different camera systems for underwater photography.

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