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Whitehorse Loonies Underwater Hockey
Whitehorse, Yukon.

Phone Ellen at (867)633-6956 or 333-8120 (pager) or
Larry at 633-4734, Cell (867)334-4990
Or you can e-mail me.

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The puck we use is a 'standard size' lead or brass puck that is coated to protect the pool. It has to be heavy enough to stay on the bottom of the pool. The stick can be made from any material as long as it floats and will fit within a box of the above dimensions - make sure all corners are radiused and all edges are broken (chamferred to remove any sharp edges).
The goals are made from metal (stainless steel or heavier guage aluminum) of 18 - 22 guage and are placed, centred, at either end of the playing area. The puck must enter the trough area (see below for allowed and not-allowed goals) and will, usually, make enough of a sound to be heard. Please do not stand on the goal to prevent bending of the metal - thay are quite expensive and have to last for many seasons.
The ideal dimensions for a pool are as above - since most pools do not have a flat bottom, we make do as best we can - problems can occur if the drop-off between the shallow and deep ends (many pools have a significant slope from a shallow end to a deep end) is too steep - we play cross ways in our pool because of the steep drop-off; our play area is 17.22m long by 13.4m wide by 1.1 - 1.5m deep - for a play area of 230.9 square metres - a little small for regulations, but the best we can do with our present facilities.
If you have the luxury of having your own pool, you can mark out the bottom as above - otherwise, try to make do as best you can.
Allowable goals are as depicted above. The puck, ideally, will land and stay in the trough area of the goal (as A to D, above), or has to hit the actual goal within the playable area, before bouncing back out or landing on the apron of the goal (as in E to H, above). Since we do not play with a goal judge, we decided, for our casual play nights, the only allowable goals will be those as depicted in A to D, above (landing and staying in the trough of the goal).
As depicted, above, these pucks did not hit the playable area (the front and side aprons are not included in the playable areas) of the goal before landing on the apron (I to L, above), hit the pool wall above the goal (N, above) or slid across the goal and out the end (M, above) - the goal has a sunken trough to help hold the puck of a valid goal.
Penalty Shot - Should an attacking team, while within 3m of the defender's goal, suffer an offence or an illegal move by the defending team, possibly preventing them from scoring, they then are awarded a penalty shot, as depicted above.
Equal Puck - For minor or accidental infringements, the puck is placed on or close to the spot where the infringement occured, at least 2m away from the walls and 5m away from the goals, as depicted above, players on side and on the surface.
Advantage Puck - For infringements against the team in possesion of the puck, the face-off is as above, with the penalised team 3m back from the puck until the other team contacts the puck.
The basic rules of Underwater Hockey are available here, in Adobe Acrobat format. Just double click here for a downloadable version of the rules.

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