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A small rockfish, hiding on a cloud sponge - B.C. coast. Cloud sponges are found deep - in 100' plus of water. A small rockfish, hiding on a cloud sponge - B.C. coast - a close-up.
A beautiful, white Plumose Anemone - B.C. coast. Some different coloured Plumose Anemones, an urchin and other life - B.C. coast.
The beautiful Plumose Anemone - can grow up to 3' tall and are white through orange - a beautiful animal, indeed. A close-up of the picture to the left.
The great lingcod - up to 60" long, 100#, a great eating fish. A Red Irish Lord - a large sculpin - up to 20" long - blends in with it's surroundings making it hard to find.
Purple stars like to congregate in bunches - sometimes in the inter-tidal zone. More purple stars - usually about 1 foot across and often very purple in colour.
Rockfish are abundant along the Vancouver Island coast - most often sighted are the Copper, Quillback, Brown and China varieties. The beautiful Copper Rockfish - up to 22" long, is an excellant eating fish.
The Quillback Rockfish - up to 24" long, likes hiding in large cloud sponges and rocky caverns or crevasses. A close-up of the Quillback Rockfish at left - a good eating fish.
"The large, beautiful Sunstars are often up to 3' across and are of many colours. The largest of the stars, this example is yellow with vibrant reds. Stars feed mainly on bivalves, using their extendable stomach.
With up to 20 arms, these large animals are beautiful to see while diving. A picture cannot do justice to the many colours of this large Sunstar - each arm has an eye on its end and can regenerate.
Seasquirts of many sizes and colours can be found - a larger yellow and shorter red variety are seen here. Welcome to Canada's Yukon!

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