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These pictures were taken near Fraser, B.C. of the White Pass & Yukon Route train clearing snow from the track on April 7 & 8, 2001.

White Pass & Yukon Route owns one of only two steam powered rotary snow plows left, in operating condition, in North America and decided, again this year, to clear the tracks near Fraser, B.C. in the famous White Pass, just north of Skagway, Alaska, of snow, pushing the steam powered rotary plow (Rotary #1) with their two restored steam engines - #73 and #40. There was also a chartered train following the steam train so passengers could get spectacular views of the track clearing operation. Snow can accumulate to over 14 feet in thickness on the tracks in this area, so this large rotary plow has to really work to get through some areas. Most of the track is cleared with bulldozers now, with the rotary plow clearing the area around Fraser where the public can see the operation. These pictures were provided by White Pass & Yukon Route staff.

A view from behind the train showing the rotary snow plow in front (right), followed by the two restored steam engines and the caboose.
A view from the front of the train showing some of the hardier souls who hiked out to get a better view of the operation. This shot shows the train working hard in deeper, packed snow. The tracks to the right side of the picture shows where the bulldozer helped clear some of the excess thickness of snow away to make the work a little easier for the rotary plow.
A close-up shot of the front of the rotary plow / snowblower. This unit was built in 1899 and has been completely restored to full working condition. One of the lower mountain peaks can be seen in the background.
Another view of the rotary snow plow working in deeper, packed snow. This steam-powered unit is now fuelled by oil.
The steam train, getting ready to start work, with the chartered excursion train in the background. To the right of the picture are the tracks left by the bulldozers after clearing away some of the excess snow.

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