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All prices listed on this site are in Canadian Dollars, are all-inclusive and are F.O.B. Whitehorse, Yukon.

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Raging Inferno WetSuit
Wet Suits

We stock both 3mm 'warm-water' and 6.5 mm 'cold-water' wetsuits. Check out the wet suits page for more details on suits and their accessories.
Polar Dry Suits
Dry Suits

If you're looking for a neoprene dry suit, we highly recommend the Oceaner dry suits. If you'd rather a vulcanized rubber dry suit, we handle both the Viking and the Gates lines. If a tri-laminate suit is better for you, the TUSA line is an excellent choice. Check out our dry suits page for more information on all our dry suits.
Sherwood Blizzard
AquaLung Data-Pro 2
AquaLung Octopus
Regulators, Octopus', Gauges, etc.
We handle and stock several different brands and models of regulators, octopus', computers and gauge consoles to go with them. All models stocked are suitable for our cold-water diving, but some have additional features many people prefer. If the model you want is not in stock, we will order it for you. Check out out the
regulators page for more selection and information.
TUSA BCJ-4900 B.C.D.
DiveOptx LensTUSA Imprex FinsDiver Licence 	PlateTUSA M-40 MaskTUSA SP-580Q Snorkel
Sea + See MX-10 CameraTUSA FK-840 KnifeQuadbags lift bagsTank Bangers
Tank Mesh
Other Diving Products
There are, literally, hundreds of other dive related items in stock or available by special order, from masks, snorkels, fins, knives through mask straps, knife straps, octopus holders, dive lights, wet-suit shampoo, mask defog, dive floats, lift bags, catch bags, gear bags, silicon grease, tire inflator chucks to certificates and embroidered patches, etc. Stop in for a look at the selection available. Pick up a Yukon Diver licence plate for the front of your vehicle. Tell the world you're a diver!

Sea Quest B.C.D. Size & Lift Chart
Oceaner's Suit Sizing Chart

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